Our Products


Indigo® is a real-time communications and management system for operation centres. It is designed to deliver open and transparent communications between people, departments and organisations for live management and reporting of emergency and security operations. [MORE]

Topaz is an online invitation response management system for events. It is used to record the responses from all your invitees and collates them into a self-contained online system. Topaz can be set-up for you to send invitations by email or traditional mail. [MORE]


The Jade Online Award Entry and Judging Management System allows you to set-up an online entry portal for your awards program or competition, receive entries or submissions, collect payments and manage scoring and comments by your judges. [MORE]


Violet View is a simple, portable system that allows you to share and update a visual status board across your network. This tool is useful for Operation Centres and where real-time information is required regularly. [MORE]